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ACC – CE Marking

CE Marking for Industrial Equipment and Products

The CE Mark on a product or machine identifies it as complying with all the of safety requirements established by the European Union. The CE Mark is a requirement and not a voluntary process. ACC has helped thousands of manufacturers to meet the CE Certification requirements. We work together with your company at any stage of the CE Marking process. Our engineers will determine the applicable EN Standards and EU Directives for your machine and we will help you to make sure your CE Mark is valid and legal.

As an accredited European Notified Body, our certification services will provide you and your customers the assurance of a thorough and successful certification process.

Our CE Marking services provide you with the following benefits:

  • CE Mark services provided nationwide
  • All necessary electrical and EMC testing provided on-site at your facility
  • Detailed examination and test reports with technical solutions to each non-conformity
  • Over 100 offices in Europe to support your certification long after completion
  • Working with the most knowledgeable and experienced CE Mark compliance engineers in the industry

CE Mark Services
Cost Effective – Comprehensive – Convenient

Call us to discuss which CE Mark requirements apply to your product or equipment.


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