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ACC – CE Marking

CE Mark Standards

The EU Directives explain what must be done; The Standards explain how it can be done. A harmonized standard must match the essential requirements of the relevant Directive. A European standard may contain provisions relating not only to essential requirements but also to other provisions. In such a case, these provisions should be clearly distinguished from those covering the essential requirements. Furthermore, a harmonized standard does not necessarily cover all essential requirements. In such a case, it is up to the manufacturer to use other relevant technical specifications in order to meet all the essential requirements of the Directive.

Thousands of standards (in draft or harmonized version) exist.

Safety Standards typically fall into three categories:

Type A Standards (Fundamental Safety Requirements)

Basic concepts which can be applied to all product categories

Type B Standards (Group Safety Standards)

Safety aspects used for a wide range of products

Type C Standards (Product Safety Standards)

Detailed safety requirements for a particular product or group of products

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