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ACC – CE Marking

What is The CE Mark?

The CE Mark is a requirement for products sold to the European Market. The CE Mark identifies a product as complying with the health and safety requirements spelled out in European legislation (Directives) and is mandatory for equipment operating in the European Union (EU). Once the CE Mark is properly affixed, your product or equipment can be exported to European Union countries.

Previously, companies that would export to Europe had to conform to various national laws. Now, the proper affixing of the CE Mark enables exporters to market to all European Union member states by conforming to the applicable European Directives and the use of European Standards.

Compliance is not a voluntary process. Affixing the CE Mark on a product exported to Europe is a legal requirement for the manufacturer. Compliance is enforced on a national level: Imports may be held at the port of entry, removed from the market, and heavy fines imposed on manufacturers if their product(s) fails to comply.

European Directives become effective at various dates and are subject to amendments. In addition several Directives can often apply to a same product/equipment.

As an independent third party we have met the strict criteria for carrying conformity assessments tasks. Our highly trained and experienced professionals will provide your company with the necessary technical and administrative solutions to achieve compliance.

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