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ACC – CE Marking


We are available to work together with you at any stage of the compliance and certification process. An ACC compliance report will provide you and your customers the assurance of a thorough and successful CE certification project.

ACC offers a wide range of CE Marking Services:

  • On-Site Examination & Technical Assistance
  • Documentation Review & Verification
  • Testing at your facility or in our laboratories
  • On-site Engineering Training
  • Design Analysis
  • CE Type Examinations
  • Other compliance engineering services to meet your specific needs

Services Related to the New Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC

  • Authorized EU Contact Services
  • Technical File Storage Solutions
  • Technical File Update Evaluation

As an accredited European third party, we meet the strict criteria for carrying CE Marking Compliance projects. Our highly trained and experienced professionals will provide your company with the necessary technical solutions to achieve compliance.

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